Discover new worlds that are right in front of you.  See with new eyes. 
Go beyond the frames edge...


Journey Through the Viewfinder
Full Day Workshop

Saturday, October 14th
Full Day Workshop
10am – 6pm

Join professional photographer, Thomas Donley, on a photographic vision quest.  Take a big leap forward with how you relate to your camera and to what is available for you, both creatively and personally.  Explore how photography can enhance how you see and experience your world.  Incite your creativity!



Creative Coaching
Private Sessions

At the heart of Creative Coaching is a dialogue aimed at supporting clients in aligning with their creative projects, personal or business goals.

It is a process of discovery, the process of becoming aware of new choices and seeing the world with fresh eyes.  It's also about letting go of what's done...       


B&H Event Space Talk
"Journeying Through the Viewfinder"